What our Customers say...


I was impressed by the service that SERVPRO of Lenoir, Duplin & Jones counties provided to me when they entered my home. They were very knowledgeable and professional and I am very satisfied with the care of service they provided. 

When we suffered a water loss at our business SERVPRO of Lenoir, Duplin & Jones Counties were quick to respond. They walked us through the process and removed the water quickly so that we could continue to provide quality care to our customers. We would recommend them! 

I would recommend SERVPRO of Lenoir, Duplin & Jones Counties. They were fast, friendly and clearly explained everything

After a small fire in our kitchen, we had to have the ducts cleaned at our house. Ken and Jose did a great job! They were courteous, explained the process and were very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend SERVPRO of Lenoir, Duplin & Jones Counties. 

We had a grease fire at my house. Austin, Diane and Christy take care of me. They cleaned my house so well that it looks better than it did before the fire. They were very helpful and professional and I would recommend them that needs cleaning done 

Everyone at SERVPRO was so polite and courteous. They showed up at my house on time and were extremely professional. 

I was so pleased with the work that SERVPRO did at our home. I would recommend them to anyone!

A toilet overflowed in our office and the water ran all the way into the hall and adjacent offices. We were so worried about what to do but we are so happy we called SERVPRO. They came quickly and cleaned up all the water and came back to check it everyday until it was dry. We are so thankful for their quick arrival and prompt attention to us!

We recently had the carpets cleaned in our office and they did an outstanding job! They were on time and very courteous. They were even able to remove a stain we did not think would come out.  I would highly recommend them 

We had a fire in our kitchen that damaged most of our personal property with smoke and soot. Not only did they clean and restore the kitchen, the cleaning team cleaned all of our smoke damaged items too. The cleaning team was so great to work with and they handled all of our stuff with great care. If you ever suffer a loss like this, I would highly recommend them. 

We had serious damage after a recent storm and had no idea who to call. Our agent told us to call SERVPRO of Lenoir, Duplin & Jones Counties and I am so glad we did. They were quick to respond and were wonderful to work with. They took great care of us and I would highly recommend them to anyone

After the hurricane we suffered water damage that went unnoticed, Mold developed and we were unsure what to do. After calling SERVPRO, they came out and took great care of us! I am beyond satisfied with the work that they did!

We recently used SERVPRO of Lenoir, Duplin & Jones Counties and were very pleased. They were so polite and knowledgeable and I would highly recommend calling them in an emergency!

When we arrived at our vacation home, a pipe had ruptured and the we had water everywhere! We called SERVPRO of Lenoir, Duplin & Jones Counties and they were so quick getting there. They carefully explained what they were doing and guided us through the entire process. We are so happy we called them!

We were so overwhelmed at the sight of our water damage. SERVPRO of Lenoir, Duplin & Jones Counties did such a great job removing the water and explaining the process. We would have been lost without them

After a recent thunderstorm we needed our roof tarped and fast! SERVPRO was so quick to get here and help stop any additional damage! We are so thankful for their prompt and professional service!

SERVPRO of Lenoir, Duplin & Jones Counties are amazing!They were very professional and handled all of our personal possessions with great care. We would highly recommend them to any one!

I can not tell you enough how thankful we are for SERVPRO of Lenoir, Duplin & Jones Counties. Not only did they get here quickly but they were so knowledgeable, professional and super friendly! They clearly explained the process and made us feel so much better about the situation. I would highly recommend them to anyone! 

I would highly recommend SERVPRO to everyone! They were so quick to get here in our time of need. The technicians were courteous and polite of our situation and took the time to answer all of our questions. 

With the recent hurricane, our vacation home suffered extensive water and mold damage. I was so impressed with the level of service and attention SERVPRO provided to us. They made the process much easier by clearly explaining everything and we are so appreciative of that. 

We had SERVPRO of Lenoir, Duplin & Jones Counties come out and inspect some potential mold damage in our office. They did a great job of carefully explaining the entire process and keeping the potential damage contained. They worked after our regular business hours to remediate so that we did not have to close our doors until the work was done. We are so thankful for them!

SERVPRO of Lenoir, Duplin & Jones Counties did a great job! They by far exceeded my expectations and offered superior service along with being very knowledgeable. They clearly explained the entire process and were very professional.

I would highly recommend SERVPRO of Lenoir, Duplin and Jones. When we had a water loss at our church, they were very quick to get there and took the time to explain the processes to us. Their staff was prompt, professional and very neatly dressed. 

SERVPRO of Lenoir, Jones and Duplin were so nice to work with! They explained each process to me and were very knowledgeable on how water could affect my home. I would recommend them to all of my family and friends. 

SERVPRO did a great job at our facility. They were quick getting there when we called them and explained the entire process. We would highly recommend them

SERVPRO was coming around our neighborhood looking for people who had water damage after the hurricane and were in need of assistance. We were so happy to have someone there with experience that was able to guide us through the process. Tony and his staff were awesome!

We called SERVPRO after a fire sprinkler malfunction created a huge mess on a new office we were working in. They arrived on site in about an hour and hit the ground running. They quickly began extraction then set the drying equipment. It could have been worse, we were truly thankful to have them come in and help us!

We had SERVPRO come out to complete mold remediation at our house. They came in and explained why they were doing everything and took care of everything. Could not be more pleased with all they did.

SERVPRO was called out after we had a fire at our home. They came in and helped us get the ball rolling on starting the process of getting our life back together. All of the employees were so nice and helpful. We highly recommend them! 

JOB WELL DONE! SERVPRO of Lenoir, Duplin and Jones Counties are group of professional, very knowledgeable people in the process. Very easy to work with. Thank you!

Trey the Indoor Air Quality Specialist covered everything with me and discussed the importance of completing each part of the process. He made sure I was comfortable and understood everything along the way. Once the job was complete he also reached out to me to follow up and ensure I was happy with the service that was provided and to answer any questions I may have had. Working with SERVPRO was a great experience.

Such great service. Thanks so much!

The workers made sure I understood the process for removing the water and damaged flooring before anything was done. I just had to realize the time for drying was going to take a few days. Its just seems worse since it is right before Thanksgiving.

Great service/very good at what they do. Austin is a great worker and knows what he is doing.

I am so grateful you guys were able to clean and repair my building after my boat motor caught on fire. Didn't realize what a mess smoke could make. Great Team, wonderful work. Thanks for everything.

If things need to be replaced and ordering is necessary, let the client choose/ order before installation is needed to shorten the process of the clients inconvenience during the restoration/cleaning, whatever the case. Thank you.

Everyone was very professional and courteous in what was done for me in my home, including the men that done my duct work and the ladies were fantastic. Thanks to all of you. I am very pleased.

The SERVPRO technicians explained to me exactly what they were going to have to do to get the water damage in my condo cleaned up as fast as they could.

Impressed with how fast my carpet cleaning was scheduled and cleaned on the same day.

I am very satisfied with the mold removal your guys did and also pleased with the vapor barrier they installed in my crawl space.

Enjoys the continuing education classes, always appreciate something free.

Very pleased with the fast response when my toilet backed up. It was a mess.

I am very pleased with the water clean up and drying you guys did. Now I'm ready to get my floor fixed and get some new carpet.

Needed my downstairs duct work cleaned because had not been done in awhile. Did not take them long and did a good job and cleaned up after themselves.

Impressed with how quickly SERVPRO responded to stop any further damage to our restaurant.

Very impressed with the way my kitchen turned out after my microwave caught fire. Looks better than it did before the fire.

I, along with other church members, were very pleased with the way the carpet in our fellowship looked after being cleaned by SERVPRO.

Our church members were very pleased with the timely and professional work that was done when our pipes burst in our sanctuary.

Our church really appreciated the quick response of your crew when our Sunday school classrooms carpet was flooded from a cracked pipe in a nearby bathroom. Sunday school continued on without any interruptions.

I attended recent CE classes at SERVPRO of Lenoir, Duplin & Jones Counties and was very impressed with their knowledge of the subject matter and demonstration of equipment to show how hardwood floors can be saved instead of torn out.

I was very pleased with the how the crew handled my mold issue in my crawl space. They found the source and solved my issues in a very timely manner. I would recommend SERVPRO of Lenoir, Duplin & Jones Counties to anyone.