Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water Extraction Equipment

How does SERVPRO of Lenoir, Duplin & Jones Counties repair water damaged property?

-Use of industrial equipment, including pumps, vacuums, and fans, to dry surfaces.
-Removal of any wet carpeting and padding, drying as much as possible.
-We do our best to salvage personal belongings such as furniture, decorative items, and books.
-Dehumidification and cleaning of wet areas in order to prevent growth of mold.

Whether you have major water damage from flooding or leaking plumbing, our professional restoration team can help!

Water can damage result in discolored ceilings.

If rain finds its way into your home’s roof, the result is usually somewhere on the ceiling below the problem spot. Water either runs down or drips and eventually lands on the upper surface of the ceiling, which is typically either drywall or plaster. There it pools and spreads until it finds a place to continue its downward journey. With drywall, that place is often a seam between the ceiling’s panels. If the ceiling is plaster, the water usually just builds up until it saturates the surface enough to leak straight through.

Water Damage in Warsaw, NC throughout

This is the result of a burst water heater in Warsaw, NC. There was a significant amount of water damage throughout most of the building. The business owner was very pleased with our quick response time. Here, Alex, one of SERVPRO of Lenoir, Duplin & Jones Counties water technicians, tears our soaked insulation and ceiling tiles.

Climbing the Mountain

Ken, one of our qualified water technicians at SERVPRO of Lenoir, Duplin & Jones Counties, continues to pile up torn out debis from a commercial job at a business in Warsaw, NC.

SERVPRO of Lenoir, Duplin &Jones Counties gets Down and Dirty

One thing is for sure, we don’t mind getting our hands dirty. Water technician, Ken, climbs out of a homeowners crawl space after cleaning up leaking sewage and putting down a vapor barrier.

Saving Hardwood Floors

Ashely Mercer of SERVPRO of Lenoir, Duplin & Jones Counties demonstrates how our mat floor drying system is used to extract water.  Insurance agents and adjusters, in attendance,  were unaware this service was available to them versus having to replace the homeowners entire floor.