Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Soot damage?

Cleaning up after a fire is not easy. It can be emotional and time-consuming. This is not a DIY job. If you have experienced a serious fire, then you need professional help cleaning up. One thing that will need to be cleaned up is soot left from the fire itself. First, you will need to determine if the soot is oily or dry because they require different removal techniques. When you choose SERVPRO of Lenoir, Duplin & Jones Counties, we can help you with all of this. We will be able to determine the type of soot and ensure professional removal using materials that are gentle on the air quality and surfaces of your most valuable investment.

Duct cleaning after a fire

SERVPRO of Lenoir, Duplin & Jones Counties is dedicated to providing  quality service after  your home that has been damaged by a fire or water loss. Our team has experience working with homeowners and insurance companies during a restoration project and has both the level of expertise and the proper equipment to deliver a thorough air duct cleaning of the property’s entire ventilation system

Fireplace Sparked Fire In Den

Luckily this home had very little structural damage but had quite a bit of soot damage. Almost every room in the house had some type of soot damage whether to the structure or the contents. We were able to come in and get the home cleaned up and back to normal.

Bad Smoke vs Good Smoke

By applying deodorants, with  thermal foggers, like the one shown above, can be very effective in treating odors caused by fire in a residence or business. When items burn, most give off odors. The same as if you fry fish in your house. The air is filled with the cooking odor. Also, think about how burning wood smells at a fire pit.

When SERVPRO of Lenoir, Duplin and Jones Counties cleans with thermal fogging machines, it uses  heated oils that have been treated with ingredients to counteract with the odors. The odor counteractant transforms into a smoke that is heavily loaded with tiny odor killing particles. Because it is smoke, it will get into all of the same nooks and crannies the smoke from the fire went. There are specific cleaning treatments to match each specific fire source, whether it be wood, plastic, paint, etc. Special additives to attack each type of smoke is used in the thermal fogger.

Tags, You’re It

Sometimes, when we walk through a fire damaged residence with our customers, they will ask about all of the spider webs handing from the ceiling. Customers mistake these spider web for soot tags. In fact, soot from synthetic/petroleum based sources that have burned, cling to each other like magnets creating chains of soot. These webs are usually found in corners just like spider webs. Smoke/soot circulates towards cooler air. These areas tend to be near the corners of the ceiling and on an outside wall since those walls are cooler. So, if a customer happens to find these “spider webs” after a fire, assure them, it by no means, has anything to do with how clean their house was before the fire.

Kitchen Fire Near Kinston, NC

This the result of a kitchen fire near Kinston, NC when our technicians arrived at the apartment. There was a lot of smoke and soot damage that resulte from the oven catching on fire. The tenant was very relieved at how quickly SERVPRO of Lenoir, Duplin and Jones Counties responded to his residence.